Standout Movement



Whether you’re studying for your degree or in the early stages of your career, sometimes it can feel difficult to know what direction you’re heading in. You want success and happiness across all aspects of life, but you’re just not sure of the best way to achieve that.

An approach that’s tailored specifically towards you and your goals seems difficult to find. Development programs and staff training tend to take a more general approach to suit the majority, when you want to find the right path for you and be successful in both your personal and professional life.

Current educational establishments and career development systems try to fill in this gap, but often don’t have the time or resources to adequately prepare the whole individual for success in life. 

The StandoutX Individual Development Program is perfectly suited to students, young professionals and organizational leaders who want a holistic approach; we give you the power to customize our online program and learn the best Standout Way for you. 

Solution – Learning the StandoutX Way to Success!

Getting from Start to Standout is easily achievable with this program. We work together with schools and companies of varying sizes to provide expert training that develops the whole person, not just the professional, using the StandoutX Process. This talent development method results in increased clarity and direction, and provides all of the tools that are needed to measure performance and achieve your goals in life.

We start from square one, using our world class expertise to take you on a journey of self discovery and find your path in life. With future planning and tactical training, this program gives you the tools necessary to infuse 30+ years of personal and professional experience and lessons from our founder and CEO John Walsh, former Disney executive turned entrepreneur and author, into your organization using our StandoutX Process for success.

Benefits – Why People Love Us

All of our participants love working with us to complete the StandoutX program! Here’s why: 

  • Clarity – They gain clarity on who they are, where they’re going both personally and professionally and they have a defined purpose.


  • Simplicity – They learn how to focus on what they really need and how to eliminate things they don’t.


  • Certainty – They increase certainty in their life with a clear, simplified direction and implement concrete actions that are designed to increase opportunities and accelerate success.


  • Action – They build concrete skill sets and foundations that, when practiced, produce measurable results.


  • Support – They are not alone! All participants have access to the StandoutX community of like minded individuals to support and encourage them along their journey.

Products – What You’ll Get From Us

The StandoutX Individual Development Program has been built to develop and integrate the Standout Way into your life in a way that works best for you! You can learn at your own pace and the program is delivered entirely virtually to ensure it’s flexible enough to fit around your current academic and professional commitments.

We include everything you need in the program to become a successful Standout:

  • Lifetime access to a 28-Part StandoutX Training Video Series (10+ hours of content) where you’ll learn the Standout Process from our founder and CEO John Walsh
  • A Digital Workbook to accompany the video series
  • Guided challenges, exercises and measurement tools 
  • A copy of the best selling Standout Experience book by John Walsh
  • Monthly StandoutX Community Webinars by John himself (access is given to everyone within your school/business)
  • Access to experts in the StandoutX Community
  • Bonus content and additional resources to unlock throughout the program
  • Exclusive offers for other StandoutX experiences

At the end of the program, we’ll celebrate your success by awarding you a Standout certificate of completion and continue to support you with access to the Standout Community even after the program ends.

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