Executive Coaching

We help you reach another level of your true potential. In our focused 1:1 coaching sessions, we work with you to achieve your goals, reach new levels of success and enjoy the happiness that you were meant to have in life. We help you develop a vision, goals, strategies and tactics. We then walk the journey with you to hold you accountable for doing what you are capable of doing and what only CEOs and executives can do. We help you with better self-awareness, making better choices and achieving better results.

Learn from more than 20 years of research and experience at world-class organizations like The Walt Disney Company and The Madison Square Garden Company.

Key Benefits

  • Develop your leadership style and competency
  • Improve your executive presence and emotional intelligence
  • Manage your key resources: time, talent, energy and resources
  • Coach and develop your direct reports
  • Demonstrate greater influence, collaboration and impact
  • Manage conflict and improve interpersonal skills
  • Improve communication (written and verbal)
  • Improve business and life integration
  • Set the example of leading yourself, your leaders, the function and the organization
  • Improve overall performance and increase productivity
  • Help with business strategies, processes, talent and key performance results
  • Optimize daily routines and habits

A typical Executive Performance Coaching engagement varies in length but includes:

  • Proprietary Executive Assessment Sessions
  • Observation and
  • Feedback As Needed
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Thought Leadership Support
  • Long- and Short-Term Planning
  • Ongoing Support and Guidance
  • Focus on Achieving Key Performance Goals and Results

All executive coaching engagements are personalized and customized to your needs.

Executive Team Coaching and Facilitation

We help you and your team achieve new levels of success, performance and productivity. In our team coaching and facilitation sessions, we bring the group together to achieve a common vision and purpose. We work to understand thinking styles, behavioral traits, interests, individual and team motivations and diverse opinions. Together, we help leverage each person’s unique strengths so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


  • Better Team Alignment
  • Improved Levels of Trust
  • Better Understanding of Individual Strengths
  • Increased Communication and Collaboration
  • Improved Awareness and Management
  • Higher Levels of Satisfaction and Enjoyment

A typical Executive Team Coaching & Facilitation session(s) includes:

  • Individual and Group Assessment
  • Observation and Feedback Sessions
  • Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Executive Leadership Report
  • Facilitation of Group Sessions
  • Ongoing Follow Up and Performance Check-Ins